New Glasgow


Article written by John Philip Smith

Every year, New Glasgow booms, if only for a few months. As soon as summer arrives, this little village in the heart of Prince Edward Island comes alive with tourists: some on bikes, some on buses, but most in cars. More than likely, they are there to eat, for New Glasgow boasts one of the famous lobster supper which PEI is renowned. The village is also home to the Prince Edward Island Preserve Co., another of the must-see attractions in the area. It seems no one leaves New Glasgow without a full belly and several jars of jam.

Just as quickly, the tourists go back home, and New Glasgow catches its breath. Interestingly, the off-season is when its true character emerges, for it remains the quintessential sleepy little Island village, nestled in a river valley with superb vistas over the rolling farmland. And the land rolls more here than other locales. As the road winds into town, there are some truly memorable views of farmsteads tucked into the landscape, the kind that gives visitors extra incentive to sell that house in the city. Indeed, newcomers are buying local properties in growing numbers.

Despite the invasion, New Glasgow is still true to its roots. Founded largely by Scots (no surprise, considering the name), the same families that settled the area are still represented on local mailboxes.

The scenery compensates for a dearth of local services. Whether shopping for shoes, filling a prescription or getting a haircut, most folks wind up in Charlottetown at least twice a week. “It’s only 20 minutes away” says one resident, acknowledging that most working people commute to the PEI capital, too. Not much of a sacrifice when you consider what they get to come home to.

Founded: Early 19th-century

Population: About 250

New Glasgow Attractions:

  • New Glasgow Highlands Campground
  • The Toy Factory
  • New Glasgow Lobster Suppers
  • Prince Edward Island Preserve Co.
  • Glasgow Hills Golf Course & Piper’s Restaurant
  • The Olde Glasgow Mill Restaurant