The fishing season on PEI for fresh water fishing is open from mid-April until the middle of September. Children under-14 are free to fish without a license and anyone over 14-years of age wishing to fish can purchase a fishing license for a small fee. We are fortunate to have a fishing pond and stream within a five minute walk of the campground. Bring along your fishing gear and enjoy some fishing whether first thing in the morning or to wind down in the evening. You can even dig for worms in our garden compost area.

PEI is surrounded by salt water and anyone wishing to fish from shore can do so without a license (salt water fishing is free).

A lot of our guests love Deep Sea Fishing and again that is close by in Rustico (less than a 10 minute drive). Fishermen take boat loads out three times a day. Besides fishing for mackerel and cod, learning about the fishery and enjoying the time on the water, some folks are lucky enough to even see whales. We know most of the fisherman so we can certainly arrange an excursion for you.